15 Shocking Celebrity Skin Beauty Treatments

Celebrities go to extreme measures for beauty, doing anything and everything to maintain their appearance. With millions of dollars and a career riding on their good looks, stars will try–and often, get hooked on–the most bizarre skin beauty treatments. Just to shock you, we’ve rounded up fifteen of the weirdest ones.

Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facelift

Celebrity Skin;Kim Kardashian Vampire Facelift

It’s not easy being Kim Kardashian; she has to spend so much time and money (and pain) on maintaining her highly photographed face. Recently, she shocked her fans by posting pictures of herself during a Vampire Facelift. Blood is drawn from the victim’s arm, platelets are extracted and then injected into the face to prevent wrinkles. What can I say, beauty hurts.

Angelina Jolie’s Caviar Body Treatment

Celebrity Skin; Angelina Jolie

Ange has expensive taste; she’s been known to indulge in caviar-based body treatments. Yep, fish egg extract is smeared over her skin to firm and moisturize. Apparently she relied on this regimen during her pregancies to prevent stretch marks. We think we’ll stick with coconut oil.

Demi Moore’s Blood-Sucking Leech Therapy

Celebrity Skin; Demi Moore

Demi really goes to the extreme when it comes to her looks. She once went to Europe specifically to experience the detoxifying benefits of leech therapy (yes, as in those slimy blood-sucking things that most of us hope never to see!). The leeches suck blood from your skin while releasing enzymes that (apparently) remove toxins from your blood.

Kate Hudson’s Ice Water Dunk

Celebrity Skin; Kate Hudson

Kate submerges her face in freezing cold water to revitalize her glow. The icy temperature reduces puffiness and boosts circulation.

Cindy Crawford’s Milk Spray

Celebrity Skin; Cindy Crawford

Cindy mixes milk with water for a hydrating facial spritz. Not sure this would smell very nice but she’s obviously doing something right because she’s just as hot now as she was in her heyday.

Bar Refaeli’s 24-Carat Gold Facial

Celebrity Skin; Bar Refaeli

Model Bar Refaeli made waves last month when she posted a photo of herself receiving a 24-carat liquid gold facial. This metal treatment will set you back the price of your summer holiday but hey, anything for beauty.

Victoria Beckham’s Bird Poo Facials

Victoria Beckham is a big fan of Japanese nightingale facials which use dehydrated bird poo to brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of acne. Doesn’t sound very posh now does it?

Sandra Bullock’s Hemorrhoid Cream Eye Treatment

Sandra’s little beauty secret involves hemorrhoid cream. That’s right, she dabs Preparation H under her eyes to reduce the appearance of lines and puffiness.We’d rather not put this stuff on our bottoms, let alone under our eyes! Do not try this at home folks.

Jennifer Lopez’s Placenta Facials

J. Lo is desperate to slow the process of aging and what better way than with human placenta facials!? She swears by the expensive placenta collagen masks reporting that they rejuvenate her skin and keep her looking fresh and youthful.

Halle Berry’s Coffee Grind Body Scrub

Caffeine is a celeb staple; whether in a Starbucks cup or in the shower, coffee is an essential part of living in Hollywood. Halle rubs ground coffee all over her body as a stimulating and blood circulating exfoliant.

Kate Middleton’s Bee Venom Mask

The Duchess of Cambridge created a buzz by using a bee venom face mask before she wed her prince charming. Said to be a non-invasive alternative to botox, this mask lifts, firms and promises anti-aging skincare without the commitment of cosmetic procedures.

Katie Holmes’s Snail Slime Skin Care

The French eat snails, Hollywood actors smear them on their skin. Katie discovered that snail slime skin care products smooth and regenerate damaged tissue leaving her with soft, glowing skin. Because snail slime has a mix of elastin, glycolic acid and protein, these strange products are slithering their way to celeb popularity.

Catharine Zeta-Jones’s Fruity Toothpaste

Catharine uses fresh fruit like strawberry and pineapple to scrub her teeth to pearly whiteness. We’re usually trying to get strawberry seeds out of our teeth not into them but Catharine’s chompers are pretty white so she might actually be onto something.

Teri Hatcher’s Red Wine Soak

Some people just love red wine–Teri Hatcher takes this love to a new level by adding a few cups to her bath. She insists the fiery fluid is moisturizing and increases skin cell renewal.

Snooki’s Kitty Litter Face Scrub

Why anyone would ever do this is a mystery but Snooki has admitted to using kitty litter as a cheap alternative to face exfoliant. There are plenty of natural, inexpensive and gentle ways to slough off dead skin without having to resort to your cat’s facilities.